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Review 11/08/00 From: Dr.Brookenstein

At the Electric Factory, Philly [$20] (along with Starr Cullars & The Enterprise) Starr Cullars & The Enterprise started their set at 9:55pm (very late) with some hardcore funkativity of "Alice in My Fantasies", followed by the hard-hitting rock tune, "Red Alert", where Starr blew the fans away with her funky-ass bass soloing!!! YOU CAN JUST SMELL THE FUNK OF STARR IN THE AIR!!!! "I'll Kick Yo Motherfunkin' Ass" threw the fellas into a frenzy as the band proceeded to kick some funkin' ass!!!! Lige Curry represented damn well on lead guitar! "Let Your Starr Shine" was the highlight of the show with some funky, hardcore drumming by Chuck Treece, smolderin' bass riffs by Starr, and an electrifying Lige guitar solo that basically ripped the shit out of the Electric Factory (George later came out and said, "What the funk happened to this place?")!! "Starrgazing" was next, followed by "Sunshine of Your Love", another moment of hard-rock bliss with electrifying guitar and smotherin' bass riffs!!! At 10:40pm, the hard-rock madness ended. STARR HAS DONE IT AGAIN!!! At 11:10pm, George Clinton & The P-Funk Allstars started their set with a mellow tune called "Mommy, What's a Funkadelic?" ....this sounded so good (as if we were back in 1970 again). Billy Bass Nelson played some funky bass and Garry Shider played some great rhythm guitar licks!! What followed was some kind of jam that started with some of the rap from "P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)". "Soul Mate" was wonderful, with a psychedelic feel on Shider's guitar......Lige and Garry were doing the lead vocals! "Bop Gun" was the shining moment for Steve Boyd, who has a new CD out called "4:20 Drive Time"'s mandatory that you buy this!! "Gamin' on Ya" was the point where George Clinton greeted the audience, and then, "Undisco Kidd" followed with Blackbyrd McKnight doing some excellent lead guitarisms!! "Get Off Your Ass and Jam" and "Take Your Dead Ass Home" were followed by "Do That Stuff", a long funky jam with powerful horns by the Horn Masters themselves (Scott Taylor, Bennie Cowan and Greg Thomas)!! The hornz were blasting and the synthesizer riffs (by Razorsharp) were stinkin' up the joint on "Flashlight". Sir Nose came out and danced like the sucka he is, as the band did a snippet of "Electric Spanking of War Babies"! "Knee Deep" started as a mellow groove with lots of scatting by Greg, but became a more uptempo, hardcore groove towards the Belita Woods segment ("Sentimental Journey"). The lead guitar riffs by Mike "Kidd Funkadelic" Hampton were hot!!! "Knee Deep" included a little bit of "Rubber Duckie" and the "Disco-To-Go" horn riff. "Somethin' Stinks and I Want Some" was rapped by the beautiful Shonda Clinton..... actually, I had to go backstage to hep Sheila with some photography. When I got back, the band was doing the music to "Underground Angel", where Lige and Blackbyrd were smokin' up the place with some noxious, asphyxiating bass & guitar riffing! "Yank My Doodle" was done over the "Underground Angel" music with some raps by Treylewd. "One Nation Under a Groove" incorporated a bit of Kirk Franklin's "Stomp" (by the way, which is based on "One Nation"). A minute of "Maggot Brain" followed, but the band decided to change pace and do "Tear The Roof Off the Sucka", where George Clinton gave his proverbial ass-kicking speech!! A few horn riffs from "Psychoticbumpschool" were played and the band was singing "Wind Me Up" (from the song BOOTZILLA). "NIght of the Thumpasorus Peoples" featured Steve on bass vocals, singing the famous chant that everyone knows and the horns doing a piece of "Pleasure Principle" from Parlet! "Atomic Dog" was the last kick-ass song before the sound crew pulled the plug on the band (during the middle of "Atomic Dog"), but George & company didn't give a fuck! The shit was over at 1:55am.

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